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Our Vision

To successfully prepare our students to meet the challenges as they become leaders of the Global Village.

Our Mission

Urban Leadership Academy is committed to preparing our students to be productive and influential citizens of a global village.  Our staff will provide students with a highly effective instructional program that will launch all students toward extraordinary academic and social achievements. 

School Handbook

Affirmative Action

Anti- Bullying Specialist

Anti- Bullying Spcialist

Sophia Rose




ABR Grade: 62 out of 78

Paterson Public Schools

ABR Grade: 54 out of 78






Celebrating 100 Days of School at ULA

Report Card Night

ULA Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser and Talent Show

Principal’s Message

As we embark on yet another successful school year, I am extending a heartfelt welcome to our Students, Staff and parents. With this I am also sharing with you my self-reflections from my twenty six years of work in the education field.

I am a person who likes to work with others, listen well and communicate warmth and understanding. I do not impose myself upon others, but rather provide a sounding board and subtle suggestions that are frequently helpful toward the resolution of people’s problems. I get along easily with others and am accepted as the type of person whom others can trust. Consequently, I am the mainstay of team operations and I can help hold together a widely diverse group of people because of my ability to relate to each one as an individual. I see the good in others and am equipped to rally to their help and defense.

I do not force my ideas on others but have been known to be persistent when making the hard decisions. I have a soft sell approach and will seldom allow others to impose themselves on me. My ability to listen well aids me in acting in the role of counselor, for in a friendly, non-threatening way I maintain a consistent approach and ability to resist the efforts of others to change or intimidate me.